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At Barrington Resale we buy and sell good condition furniture and accessories. We are not known for being necessarily thrifty. To the contrary we are known for having medium to higher end items at an affordable price. Our inventory covers it all, from newer to older and everything in between. Antiques, Collectibles, Modern, Mid-Century Modern, Vintage, Country, Rustic, Steam Punk, Traditional, and Custom. No matter the style or the age, quality and condition comes first. For over 20 years Barrington Resale has been the place to find the best of the best.

List of things we buy and sell:
Furniture such as Couches, end tables, coffee table, table and chairs, kitchen sets, dining room set, living room set, office furniture, bedroom furniture, family room furniture, recliner‘s, chairs, TV stand, flat panel TV, dresser, chest of drawers, hi boy, wardrobe cabinet, armoire, trunk, chest, hope chest, nightstand, headboard, mirror, lamp, floor lamp, stained-glass lamp, chandelier, lighting fixtures, consul table, parlor table, patio furniture, dining room set, rocking chair, entryway table, Fourier table, bookshelf, secretary, Victrola, MusicBox, cylinder player, Edison,Regina disc player, nickelodeon, player piano, Pipe organ, monkey Oregon, crank oregon, grandfather clock, wall clock, grandmother clock, painting, prints, curio cabinet, display case, fireplace, plant stand, hurricane lamp, slag glass, corner cabinet, bar, wine cabinet, storage cabinet, file drawers, lateral file, printer stand, rugs, Area rug, bed, counter top stool, bar stool, pool table, pinball machine, cash register, Capodimonte, statue, mantel clock, jukebox, stereo, speaker, yard equipment, lawnmower, riding mower, tractor, lawn tractor, riding mower, snowblower, scooter, compressor, workbench, tools, power tools, toolbox, air tools, Vanity, antiques.

How do we conduct business?
We always recommend calling us. 847-658-6100
If you have something for sale email pictures and your cell phone number to barringtonresale@yahoo.com or call us for a phone number you can text pictures to. We will review the pictures and give you an estimate by phone. No estimates will be done without actually talking to somebody first. That is why we recommend you call us first. If you can’t bring it in, we offer pick up. The cost of pick up will come out of the offer. Pick up fees are deducted at cost. No profit to us. We understand some people can not bring large items in by themselves. We have over 30 years of experience moving furniture. That makes us pretty good but accidents can happen. Barrington Resale will not assume responsibility for damage to personal property or your home. The same policy applies for deliveries or drop off service. We cannot and will not insure your home or your goods against any and all damage that may occur, regardless of fault. It is our intent to help you, not harm you. The chances of something going wrong with us are very slim.